How To Care For Your Nails After A Gel Manicure or Pedicure

There was something ringing in your mind before going for a gel manicure or pedicure. One, you need good looking nails that can paint a smile on your face more so when in public. So, How to care for your nails after a gel manicure or pedicure guide it’s here.

Second, you need a stronger nail that is protected from germs. And, maybe you went the extra mile to research on other health benefits of manicure and pedicure such as in relaxation of the body, increased blood flow, and ability to keep nails smooth and soft. But, getting your nails manicured or pedicured was just the beginning.

The big elephant lies in aftercare. You see, since you spent some dime on your nails, you will not like to see them fade, chip or crack before the expected period of stay. Therefore, you will try to fight tooth and nail to keep your gems protected under any condition. So, what next?   

Allow the nails to dry

There can never be anything treasurable on Earth than meticulously done nails. They gleam with dire beauty. It is even true that waiting for up to three hours for the nails to dry can be painful. Just be patient and allow them to dry before walking away. Proper drying is the cornerstone for any nail aftercare.   

Dry your hands thoroughly after any washing 

A favorite sign or color on your hand does not mean the end of life. Life must continue beyond manicure or pedicure. You will need to wash, mop, and take showers. In fact, on a daily basis, there is 100% probability that you will dip your nails in water.  

After any chore that requires contact with water, use a towel to remove any molecule of water on your nails and leave them to dry. This will lengthen the lifespan of the gel. It is also appropriate to wear gloves over the nails.   

Use cuticle cream  

To avoid dry, cracked, peeled or bacteria-infected nails, you will need to massage them with cuticle cream. The cream keeps your nails moisturized and healthy every time. You can also apply a top coat on a daily basis to prevent chipping.   

 Maintaining a good diet 

Protein and genes play a huge role in your nails health. They draw a line between brittle nails and stronger ones. To keep your nail stronger, always supply your body with food rich in proteins and biotin. If you eat meat then eat lean poultry, beef, pork, and fish, as well as other vegetables that are rich in protein. On the other hand, maintaining hydrated nails and cuticles will force you to drink lots of water every day.   

Wear open shoes

 For 10 to 12 hours after a pedicure, avoid closed-toed shoes to prevent smudging. After that period of time, you are free to wear any type of shoes. 

Final thoughts 

Not so many things are sophisticated as freshly manicured or pedicured nails. Having your nails done can mean a twist in how you normally do your things. With time you will realize the need to avoid some types of soaps, metal files, and even the swimming pool. You may also be required to do exercise even in a limited time frame. All in all, it is a care-free experience having your nails done and properly maintained.

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